The fee that is charged goes to the NSPCC

By freeing a bird, you will also be helping the lives of vunerable and abused children.

The fee charged for bird rescue is donated to the NSPCC. 

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Bird rescue and Removal from Chimneys


Bird Stuck in your Chimney?

It seems to be more common for birds to be entering chimneys as their natural habitat is diminished. Unfortunately for some species of British birds which require old trees where they would nest in a hole on a limb, our intrusion into their natural habitat means they have less and less nest sites available and will look to roost or nest in alternatives structures, the chimney being one of them. If a bird falls down and is trapped in your chimney, it is important to have the bird removed as quickly as possible to prevent injury or stress.

We offer a rescue service to safely rescue birds stuck in chimneys and fireplaces. bird rescue from chimney bedfordshire hertfordshire buckinghamshire in Watford Bird rescue  or stuck in chimney in Bedford Bird rescue  or stuck in chimney in Watford Bird rescue  or stuck in chimney in Harpenden

Assosiated Problems with leaving chimneys open.

Whilst it is generally considered best to leave chimneys open, it is also an open invitation to various species of birds including pigeons and jackdaws  to take up residency in the  chimney   to roost or to nest.

By fitting a terminal or bird guard to the chimney pot,it will prevent the possibility of all animal entry.

24hr Emergency call out

We offer a 24hr call out to capture and safely release birds trapped in chimneys, fireplaces or stoves.

We aim to get out within one day

The Payment for this service  will be taken from you, which is then paid from Abbey Chimneys  to the NSPCC.  You will then receive conformation of your kind donation via email or post, whichever you prefer.

Call for 24hr availability